FG Landscape Design

Our Qualifiactions


* Oregon State Registered Landscape Architect

* Washington State Registered Landscape Architect



We have the experience and the tools to deal with all portions of providing better urban living through educating others about urban vegetation. We know how to select the right plant in the right location to improve life between building and roads aesthetically, economically, psychologically and socially. We also ensure that conditions for plant’ growth and heath are best.


Service Offering


We deliver quality landscape plans by:

•Conducting site analysis through studying current site development laws, site surveys, topographical maps, aerial photos and site visits.

•Discussing client needs to evaluate current problems and future interest and plans.

•Creating idea and preliminary designs to be reviewed and approved by the client.

•Drafting construction documents and producing cost estimates.

•Following up to complete permitting process.

•Negotiating construction contracts and conducting construction management.


FG Landscape Design

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