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Plants between Us


Trees, shrubs and flowers… we like them around. They grow well in the forests but not in the urban environment. Urban soil tends to be compacted with low soil nutrition. Water and sunlight may not be available according to plant’s needs.

•How can we use plants between our buildings and roads to improve our urban life?

•How can we provide them with the best possible conditions for full growth and health?

•How can we navigate the permitting process to meet regulatory requirements?


It may seem easy enough, but our experience tells us something different.


•While the aesthetic value of trees within the urban environment is well-known, much about how plants improve air and water quality are not well recognized. Many urban dwellers don’t know about these plants that can reduce heating and cooling cost as well as improve mental health and social life.

•Plant selection doesn’t maximize the aesthetic value of the site and reduce storm water pollution and runoff.

•Plants often can face conditions of unsuitable soil, lack of space to grow and insufficient water and light.


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